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Hasta Rekha

This is also known as Palmistry. It is the process of using marks and imprints on the palm to foretell the future. Another name for this service is Chiromancy.

Palm Reading offers you an insight into the Past, Present, and Future. We will first examine the hand type, then the finger type, the thumb type, life line, heart line, and the fate line.

We use this to find out the meaning of the lines and what they hold for the future. Palmistry uses the general characteristics of your hand which involves studying the lines, their patterns, marks and other formations on the hands and fingers.

They are then interpreted into a meaning of what the future holds. The general nature of hands does not change.

However, the lines, formations and patterns do change. Palmistry may be associated with Physical state, mental, health, and emotional conditions. It may also relate with modes of interaction with others and tendencies.

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